Services for Partner/Panel Institution

  • Development & Printing of market-specific promotional literature for panel Education Institutes.
  • Advertising and promotional marketing in local newspapers and magazines.
  • Seminars/Presentations.
  • Conducting interviews and tests of individual students on behalf of Partner/Panel Institutions.
  • Attend Educational Fairs & Exhibitions.
  • Handle and respond to online, telephonic and walk-in enquiries on behalf of Partner/Panel Institutions.
  • Conduct counselling sessions in selected local educational institutions including English Medium Schools, local Colleges and Universities.
  • Provide regular feedback on market trends, changes and intelligence that may be of benefit to the Partner/Panel Institutions.
  • Arrangement of delegates visiting seminars, accommodation or any other activity on behalf of Partner/Panel Institutions.

UK Regulated

Fixth School of Business London is registered in England and Wales and is a registered centre of awarding organizations to deliver courses.

Rigorous standards

FSBL Academic Advisory Board is made up of invited members who provide extensive experience in education, strategy, business management and quality assurance.

Bespoke Qualifications

At FSBL we deliver worldwide recognized courses, as well as bespoke qualifications that include short training to degree level programmes across many sectors internationally.

International scope

FSBL continues its mission to deliver courses globally with skills and recognition that meet the demands of employers and students both vocationally and academically.