Qualification title:FSBL Level 2 Diploma in International Supply Chain Operations
Qualification type:Vocational Related Qualification
Accreditation status:Accredited
Credit Equivalency:40
Qualification number (RQF):603/6631/X
Progression routes:FSBL Level 3 and 4 Diploma Supply Chain Management; directly into employment in an associated profession
Availability:UK and international
Next Qualification Review date:21.03.2023

Course Overview

The Level 2 Award, Certificate and Diploma in International Supply Chain Operations are qualifications for learners aspiring to enter the logistics and supply chain sector. In particular the qualifications look to equip learners with an understanding of logistics and supply chain operational management, in a blend of historic models and modern-day techniques.

We hope that centres and learners take the opportunity to learn a great deal from these qualifications that will provide relevant new skills and knowledge. It is envisaged that the qualifications will encourage both academic and professional development so that learners move forward to realise not just their own potential but also that of organisations across the industry.


This is a 4 unit, 40 credit qualification. Learners must choose must choose one unit from the core units and three units for either the core or optional units.

Core Units

  • Leadership and Supervision in a Global Supply
  • Principles of Supply Chain Operations
  • Principles of Safety and Security in Logistics

Optional Units

  • Principles of Customs and International Freight
  • Principles of Inventory and Procurement Management

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify different approaches and implementation standards with regards logistics and supply chain operations

  2. Understand the role of leadership in supply chain management

  3. Review the impact of globalisation on an organisation’s extended logistics and supply chain operations

  4. Understand and apply the principles of ethics and sustainability in global supply chains

  5. Learn problem-solving techniques that are specific to supply chain crisis management

  6. Evaluate team management and communication skills

  7. Examine the impacts of supply chain shocks on business operations

  8. Understand the effects of customers and trade on international supply chain operations

Entry Requirements

The qualification has been designed to be accessible without artificial barriers that restrict access and progression. There are no minimum requirements for these Level 2 qualifications.

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FSBL Level 2 Diploma in International Supply Chain Operations