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FSBL is one of the leading online educational institutions, founded to meet the learning needs of students online and defying the Covid-19 situation worldwide. Yet still delivering need and skill-based education for constant improvement following budget cuts.

Since the global economy has aggressively transformed into E-business and E-commerce, providing enormous opportunities to businesses and educational sectors to shift their services from On-campus to Online learning; more direct and relevant to the present time.

We are privileged and blessed to offer credible, competitive, skill-based and consistent academic qualifications to our students in the UK and the world over.

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FSBL is proactively working on new dynamics and opportunities pursuant to the ongoing challenges of Covid-19 and the competitive environment of the international market.

We are committed to producing competent, skill-driven and adaptive students to meet and exceed the growing demand of the market for the right workforce. Students can opt for various programmes offered, that they are interested in.

Upon passing out from FSBL, they will receive an accredited qualification, certifications and degrees respectively.

This will allow students to seek better jobs of their choice and/or become entrepreneurs where they can play a vital role in catering to the local and global industry and fill the market gaps related to need and skill.

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We support our learners and students with flexible approaches to learning assessment through online study and blended learning programmes. Our goal is to support learners by giving them access to current and relevant education and qualifications that support their career aspirations.